Hospitality Management

The Future ofHospitality

Post COVID-19


Preparing the industry for Hospitality 2.0 

Given the expected new legal requirements and hygiene regulations for the travel and tourism industry, hotels will need to develop new operational solutions to position themselves optimally for a restart. Our team of experienced consultants have compiled a list of critical considerations to prepare a hotel for operation in the post COVID-19 hospitality era. Contact us for your individual solution!

Product Development




Getting the planning and development right is fundamental to any property. We can spot development opportunities, recommending the concept and product that will realise its full potential. Step by step, we will guide you towards your goal: the opening of a successful hotel or resort. 

Feasibility Study


Comprehensive study to the unique needs of an individual project. Usually incorporates area review, site analysis, supply and demand overview, analysis of market key issues, projected demand profile, facilities recommendations and cash flow and financial projections.

Management Selection


Systematic approach to select and secure a hotel management company that optimises investment returns and underlying asset value. Informed review of key commercial contract terms and negotiation of a successful contract on behalf of or in support of owners.



Custom-made assessment outlining opportunities that exist for a specific product in a defined market. Generally examines potential of product in view of travel and visitation trends, existing competition, market segments and key performance indicators.

Pre-opening Management


Opening a hotel is an art in itself. Critical timelines and paths need to be controlled and managed in detail. We have opened dozens of hotels  and are ready to do the next roll-out with our strategy development, checklists and action plans. With our services, we will position your property to become a leader in its market, to guarantee you a solid ROI.

Our expertise, your prosperity!!

Property Operations


Operational Assessment


The hospitality industry will be changed forever. Not just from a hotel operations perspective, but in terms of asset management. To secure a successful restart, now is the time to plan for operational optimisation, to validate your property’s business model and to adjust the operating concept for long-term value creation potential, as well as assess the possible re-use or re-purposing of your hotels, or parts of them.



Our Hospitality COVID-19 Hygiene Training covers the following key elements

Understanding COVID-19 and venue restrictions;

Reporting personal health issues;

Maintaining personal and work environment hygiene practices, specifictoCOVID-19;

Reducing cross contamination through procedures, specifictoCOVID-19;

Effective cleaning and sanitizing practices, specific to COVID-19



You will receive a professional opinion of both the front of house guest perspective and the back of house employee and operations perspective. From Mystery Guest Tests​, Quality Standards Development, H&S Analysis to HR Performance Reviews and Employee Satisfaction Surveys. 

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Asset Management


Asset management evaluates and optimises the management as well as the financial results of an existing hotel. Our experts will closely work together with the management of t he hotel in order to achieve desired improvements and to start necessary changes.



The United Consulting Hospitality COVID-19 Hygiene Training covers the following key elements:

Understanding COVID-19 and venue restrictions; Reporting personal health issues; Maintaining personal and work environment hygiene practices; Reducing cross contamination through procedures; and Effective cleaning and sanitising practices.

Our expertise, your prosperity!!