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United Consulting delivers independent, objective analysis and expert advice. We can assist at any point from site selection, through construction supervision and pre-opening, to the successful ongoing operation of your hotel.

Planning and Development




Comprehensive study to the unique needs of an individual project. Our Feasibility Study usually incorporates area review, site analysis, supply and demand overview, analysis of market key issues, projected demand profile, facilities recommendations and cash flow and financial projections.



The success of a hotel asset can often depend heavily on putting the right brand in the right place, at the right time. Our experienced team are equipped to assist with all aspects of site selection, including: Site identification and validation; Concept development and adaptation to the regional market; Brand owner preliminary approval and licence agreement; Programme plan preparation and Market analysis.

Design andConstruction


We provide guidance on the optimum design and construction of guest rooms and public areas according to a multitude of segments and star ratings. Services, including FF&E procurement and the ongoing supervision of contractors, include: Design reviews and approval; Development budget management; Investment cost optimisation; Construction and furnishing supervision and Pre-opening services.




Whether it is about pre-opening, re-opening, to fill a gap or to steer a hotel for an entire season, United Consulting provides interim management solutions that match the particular requirements. We assign task force teams or consultants well-experienced in the GM role to manage and further enhance the operation of your property.



The importance of selecting the appropriate international brand for a hotel resides in the impact it will have on the positioning of the hotel within the market, its capacity to maximise occupancy and achieve room rate premiums, and the potential benefits of the chain’s distribution channels and know-how. United Consulting represents clients in the negotiation of hotel management and franchise agreements with international brands.



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Property Operations




The hospitality industry changed forever. Not just from a hotel operations perspective, but in terms of asset management. At United Consulting, we are comprehensive in our solutions but single-minded in our focus, helping you succeed in the complex hospitality arena. Wherever you’re located, we are ready to provide help with validating your property’s business model, developing, owning, or operating a hospitality property.  Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you.



The smooth and efficient running of a hotel impacts more than just the bottom line. Guest safety and satisfaction as well as compliance with local authority regulations are just a few of the many components affected. Experienced in all aspects of hotel operations, the United Consulting team continually strive to deliver optimum gross operating profit as well as maximum stakeholder satisfaction. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you.



We will customize our tools to give you accurate and informative reports based on the quality of your service offering so that you can secure your customer base and improve sales efficiency. Our reports test every aspect of your operation from staff response times, staff appearance, product choice and other critical service factors. Furthermore, we will assist in the implementation of these recommendations.

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We help hotels with their talent management processes and organisational development needs. Our goal is to provide consulting expertise to create the right talent and organizational structures and processes that will support the organization to achieve its goals. We identify your challenges and develop the project with the solutions you need. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

Sales andMarketing


With the ongoing proliferation of technology, a growing sharing economy and an increasingly mobile and information-rich consumer, the marketplace for guest accommodation is becoming ever more competitive and fragmented. United Consulting is focused on delivering the most heads in beds at the optimal rate, reducing cost of sale and third party commissions and ultimately increasing Gross Operating Profit.

Our expertise, your prosperity!!