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Receive world-class training comprised of the latest tourism and hospitality industry standards and practices through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

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Public Sector

Based on our training methods, you will see that excellent customer service in the public sector doesn’t have to be a dream! Whatever industry you're in, quality service in the public sector can boost your staff's service skills, so that you can serve, satisfy and keep your customers.

Tourism Board

We design and deliver practical courses always based on the principles of sustainability, from those making the big decisions, to those at the coalface. Our certified training allows hosts to fulfil their organization’s objectives for staff development in a cost effective and quality driven manner.

Hotel Industry

The COVID-19 crisis is completely changing the hospitality industry. Not just from a hotel operations perspective, but in terms of asset management. An important question to ask is how well prepared your hotel property is for a restart in Hospitality 2.0 in the post Covid-19 era? Contact us for more details.

Travel Agency

Efficiency on Travel management for travel agencies is critical. The constant changes on travel agencies businesses is increasingly putting pressure on the processes. How fast and how accurately the customer's requests are fulfilled is key to success. UC boosts your travel agency business to increase revenue. 

The goal of our training is to qualify current and future professionals in the Tourism and Hospitality industry by providing up-to-date knowledge about the industry and specific management skills.

Preparing tomorrow’s Leaders!