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Digital innovation in Post COVID-19 Era

We knew that change was coming, and the pandemic looks to be the catalyst that will push our industry toward more tech-forward and efficient operations. With a world now online,  digital has become the most effective way for hotels, DMO’s and tourism authorities to reach their audiences at home.



ContactlessGuest Experience


In the era of social distancing, the new guest experience is taking shape. Guests demand a contactless experience that minimizes their physical interactions with others. From arrival to the time a guest leaves, it’s possible to provide a fully contactless experience that still provides an exceptional guest experience.



Appearing in online searches is just the beginning. We design and implement consistent digital marketing strategies to bring real and measurable results. Using Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO),  Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimisation (SMO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM), among many technics.

Virtual Reality Marketing


With our VR services, you will be providing your audience with an experience that is similar to what they can experience onsite. They will be able to understand why they should choose you over a competitor! This service also enables a hotel to offer a virtual reality tour of a hotel room or a tourism authority to offer a realistic virtual experience of its main tourist attractions.


Augmented Reality Technology


This premium service allow users to point their phone at a restaurant or tourist attraction in the real world and see online reviews on the screen. This can be used for tourism marketing purposes in a number of interesting ways; typically through the use of smartphones and mobile apps. Augmented reality is about overlaying digital information onto real-world settings, rather than replacing them with entirely new 3D environments.

Voice Search Platform


This platform makes any travel booking process entirely through voice control. One of our best tourism marketing services is the use of SEO principles to focus on voice search results on platforms like Google or Expedia. Meanwhile we also help hotels to increasingly using smart hubs to offer voice search capabilities within rooms, providing a more convenient source of tourist information.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. We create professional videos, photos, brochures and flyers to help tourists dream with the experiences they will have.



Most tourists perform online research before booking their trips. We analyse, design and deliver powerful websites to answer all their questions, whilst persuading them to book with you, and learning from their behaviour.



Our AI services can assist you with analysing data for marketing purposes. Imagine travel websites looking at past bookings to make intelligent recommendations for future bookings, while hotels using AI to create a more personalised offering for their guests. Furthermore, imagine having your customer queries  promptly replied 24-7 regardless of staff availability! 

Widen your business!